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The Ultimate Parent Child Bonding Experience

The Ultimate Parent Child Bonding Experience

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In this fast paced, text-laden, "Can you hear me now?" society, it seems almost impossible to truly focus on any one thing; especially the important things.

Do you remember when you held your child for the first time? It's an indescribable feeling. While you're watching your son or daughter grow into an incredible individual, you're noticing you have less free time every day. Work commitments, business lunches, deadlines, and everyone else's needs become your standard way of life. It becomes more challenging to spend QUALITY one-on-one time together. THEY NEED YOU more now than ever! It's time for a shift!

Have you ever thought of putting all of your business meetings, emails, constant contacts, and conference calls on hold just for a day? Parent Child Success would like to offer you a challenge.

It's the, You Me All Day Challenge

Schedule a day with your child (if you have more than one child - just pick one) and spend the entire day disconnected to work and anything that would distract you and get 100% connected to your child. The number one rule is to leave your cell phone at home (what did we do before cell phones?), or at least in your car at all times.

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Spend some time prior to the big day and ask your son or daughter what he or she would like to do that day. Listen carefully to your child's voice and then go and create that day as connected as you possibly can.

Put in your name and email in the opt in box and let Parent Child Success help you stay accountable for what could be one of the most amazing days of your life!